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Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12

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Credentialing Centers
Using Your LincPass

Secure LincPass Badge Holder

LincPass badge holders protect against any unauthorized contactless access to information stored on the LincPass. The holders are officially termed “electromagnetically opaque sleeves”. Acceptable badge holders can be purchased from the Approved Products List (APL) preferred vendors. Please filter for "Electromagnetically Opaque Sleeve".

Official LincPass Poster

The official USDA LincPass poster is used to communicate the LincPass implementation and LincPass website to employees.

LincPass Poster/Flyer – Download this PDF file to print your own LincPass posters and flyers. This file will prints out optimally as a 19” x 25” poster. You can also print it out at 8.5” x 11” to serve as a flyer (PDF 6.8 MB)
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