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Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12

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This Web site is your resource for details on USDA’s phased transition to the LincPass – the new employee and contractor identification card. This effort is part of the entire Federal Government’s move toward compliance with the President’s Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (the Common Identification Standard for Federal Employees and Contractors), commonly known as HSPD-12. If this is your first time learning about the LincPass and HSPD-12, please go to “About HSPD-12” in the navigation bar above for a brief introduction and overview of the program.

What’s New

Two-Factor Authentication References - updated links for Digital Signatures and for Enterprise VPN (03/28/2013) updated!

Light Credentialing Station (LCS) - updated list of the POC's at operational LCS centers is available (06/06/2014) updated!

Light Activation Solution (LAS) - updated list of the POC's at operational LAS centers is available (06/06/2014) updated!

Applicant / Cardholder FAQs - updated frequently asked questions for Enrollment are available (01/16/2013) updated!

Agency Contacts - updated Agency Contacts list is available (01/07/2013) updated!

LincPass Renewal FAQ's - new information on LincPass Renewal Process and FAQ’s new!

Scheduling Tool - new brief on how to schedule an appointment with the USAccess TimeTrade Scheduling Tool new!

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